Lighthouse Wellness Group

Life does not come with an instruction manual, that would be too easy. Let’s start your healing journey together!

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”- Sigmund Freud


I work with all challenges people face

Men's Work

As men, we often struggle with stigmatization around our mental health. We are told to be emotional, but wait, not that emotional. Be strong, yet gentle. What is masculinity? I work with men to define for themselves their own definition of healthy masculinity, goal setting, and more.


I offer therapy focused on sexual issues, health, development, and education.

Eating Disorders

Relationship with food and our own bodies can be a difficult topic for many. We live in a world that sends many mixed messages with toxic diet culture.


I offer coaching to build confidence and develop coping strategies to clients around the world.

Experience and Passion

Why Choose Us?

I work with all challenges people face. I have particular focuses on men’s issues, sex focused therapy, and eating disorders. These are areas I am both passionate about and experienced in working with clients. I also write ESA letters for those who qualify.

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What Our Clients Think...

“Cooper is an exceptional, knowledgeable psychotherapist. First and foremost, he uses empathy and understanding to make any of his clients feel welcome and heard. At times, he will push you to go further when you need it most. Beyond giving you ways of coping in the immediate, he will dive deeper into the roots of your problem with you to ensure lasting change. I’d recommend Cooper to anyone looking to put in the work to progress on their journey.”

“I’ve been seeing Cooper for about 2 years now and he’s been nothing but a blessing. He’s a professional who makes it comfortable to talk. He’s helped me grow and heal as a person and I cannot thank him enough for being such big support for me. If you show up and put in the work, he helps connect the puzzle pieces that may have been scrambled. Hands down best therapist I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much Cooper!”

“Cooper is a kind and confident psychotherapist with an extensive knowledge of psychology and human behavior. He creates a secure environment to challenge recurrent patterns, process traumatic events, and find usable strategies. He has helped me to build a healthier and more reliant mindset and I would recommend him to anyone hoping to improve their life through therapy. He has been incredibly helpful, even being off of medication is not something I ever thought was possible for me.”

“My only regret about seeking mental health counseling is that I didn’t do it sooner. Cooper is true professional and puts any concerns I had about seeking counseling at ease from the start. I am a better person today because of my sessions with Cooper.”

“Mr. Cooper is a kind, knowledgeable professional that listens… I continue to be in one of the most challenging phases of my life… His perspective and support are priceless… I am very grateful for his professional perspective and recommendations. He is a true professional, extremely friendly, caring, and supportive. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Mr. Cooper.”

“Mr. Cooper has been a tremendous help in my mental and overall wellbeing. He has proven in each session to be the best help I could ask for; especially as someone who has been extremely hesitant to seek out help in the past. I highly recommend Mr. Cooper to anyone needing guidance.”


Ready to make a change?

My 60 minute sessions are $150 and couples 90 minute sessions are $200. I am able to offer sliding scale pricing when available. I offer free consultation over the phone or in person to lessen the initial stress and anxiety.