We offer a variety of services.

I work with all challenges people face. I have particular focuses on men’s issues, sex focused therapy, and eating disorders. These are areas I am both passionate about and experienced in working with clients. I also write ESA letters for those who qualify.

My 60 minute sessions are $150 and couples 90 minute sessions are $200. I am able to offer sliding scale pricing when available.

Men’s work

As men, we often struggle with stigmatization around our mental health. We are told to be emotional, but wait, not that emotional. Be strong, yet gentle. What is masculinity? I work with men to define for themselves their own definition of healthy masculinity, goal setting, and more. I want you to become the best version of yourself through your own growth.


I offer therapy focused on sexual issues, health, development, and education. Through sex focused therapy, you can develop a happier and healthier relationship and personal sexual acceptance. Whether you want to feel sexy in your own body or need help healing trauma. I am a kink, LGBTQ+, and trans allied psychotherapist.

Eating Disorders

Relationship with food and our own bodies can be a difficult topic for many. We live in a world that sends many mixed messages with toxic diet culture. I struggled with Anorexia during my teens into my early 20s and through my own healing journey and experience, I assist clients in overcoming their negative relationships with food and body dysmorphia to improve their relationship with themselves.


For many, they don’t feel they need to dive fully into therapy. Perhaps you have a few areas of your life you want assistance improving such as career, personal development, romantic relationships, etc. I offer coaching to build confidence and develop coping strategies to clients around the world.